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1. Master Your Craft...ELEVATE! Your Teaching Skills
2. Maximize Your Pay...ELEVATE!  Your Salary
3. Lower Your Stress...ELEVATE!  Your Mood
4. Enjoy Teaching (Again!)...ELEVATE!  Your Job Satisfaction


This program is a 10 clock hour introduction to My Quiet Connection's ELEVATE!  Program.  Through experiential learning, you will target the NBPT Standards to Master Your Craft and the SEL Standards to Lower Your Stress.  My Quiet Connection allows you to earn Washington State Approved Clock Hours for the work you do outside of contract time.  Hours may be used to move up the salary scale, renew your certificate, and/or rekindle your passion for teaching!

Trial ELEVATE! Program

$60.00 Regular Price
$15.00Sale Price
    • Video Introduction (7 min) 
      • Target NBPT Standards
      • Target SEL Standards
      • Target 6 Categories of Job Stress
    • Log 10 Hours of Activity
    • Sample Day of Teacher Burnout Prevention Content
      • Mindfulness of Breath (Guided 12 min.)
      • Mindful Meal (30 min)
      • Mindfulness of Breath Cont. (Guideded 12 min.)
      • Mindful Activity (60 min)
    • Journal Entry for Hours Logged
    • Map out your Salary Increase
      • Confirm Salary Position (credits & experience)
      • Calculate clock hours for pay raise
      • Calculate next year's pay increase
      • Compare program cost options
    • Program Survey and Feedback
    • Completion Certificate E-mailed


    Optional: After completion, put your plan in motion by talking to a My Quiet Connection representative and start earning your pay raise today!

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