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"You do not have to be in a crisis or wait until you hit rock bottom to start improving your own mental health!"

My Quiet Connection PD Options
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Teacher Burnout Prevention
Online Professional Development 

Promoting Teacher Well-being through Professional Development

Target the Six Categories of Job Stress*
Earn Washington State Approved Clock Hours
(Click Categories for Specific Teacher Burnout Risks) 

*Maslach, C., & Leiter, M. P. (2022). The burnout challenge: Managing people’s relationships with their jobs. Cambridge, MA: Harvard university press. 

Guided and Self-paced Skill Development Activities

  • Mindfulness Meditation

  • Curriculum Work

  • Coaching & Club Work

  • Classroom Organization & Discipline

  • Research & Knowledge Acquisition

  • Mentorship & Collaboration

Quiet Connections for Individuals

My Quiet Connection's
PD Opportunities

Teacher Burnout / ELEVATE! PD Pricing
$6 per hour, paid up front
$7 per hour, 12 monthly payments

$8 per hour, deferred payments 11/24
Questions? Call, Text, or Email JC 
(509) 981-1766 or

Why My Quiet Connection?​

  1. Master Your Craft

  2. Maximize Salary 

  3. Lower Stress

  4. Enjoy Teaching (Again!)

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