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MA Behavioral Health / Addiction Program
Eastern Washington University (2024 Culminating Project)

BA Business Administration Economics/Finance

Eastern Washington University (1994)

SUDP-T Substance Use Disorder Professional Trainee

My Story

After 20+ years as a Financial Advisor, the choices I made during my own experiences with Professional Burnout and Addiction cost me my reputation, my career, and my freedom. I was in crisis, had hit rock-bottom, and facing no other option...reluctantly began my journey towards recovery.

From the very beginning, I found the treatment process frustrating, reactionary, and very easy to manipulate.  I was constantly searching for the next Psychologist, Therapist, or Treatment Provider to come up with something insightful to "fix" my problems.  It was not until my incarceration, where I found myself with ample time for self-reflection, that things began to click.   Instead of searching for external solutions, I started to focus inward.  The mind is extremely powerful, and those same wicked thoughts that once led to trouble and suffering, now lead to focus, resilience, confidence, and well-being.  It turns out that the person best equipped to help me...was me...and so began my journey into Mindfulness and Meditation.

After completing my Federal Prison sentence, I set out on a new career path to become an Addiction Counselor and enrolled in the Masters of Behavioral Health / Addiction program at Eastern Washington University.  I wanted the training, credentials, and licenses to match my personal experiences so that I could make a difference for those struggling with Burnout and Addiction.  My Quiet Connection is currently my ongoing Culminating Project.

Through extensive course work and my practicum experience I had an epiphany.  Tremendous resources are being devoted to lucrative treatment options only after a crisis or rock-bottom experience has occurred...but very little is being done to catch and mitigate the downward spiral that so often ends in Burnout and Addiction.  Now, the focus of my profession is consulting individuals and businesses on how to use Mindfulness and Meditation Strategies to prevent and even reverse  Burnout and Addiction before they become a crisis.

Mindfulness and meditation are teachable skills that have been used for thousands of years to lower stress and anxiety while improving focus and performance.  I am active in my own mindfulness and meditation practice which began in 2014 and currently teach a vetted Mindfulness and Meditation evidenced based curriculum at My Quiet Connection.  The Mindfulness Meditation Teacher Training and Curriculum I use are Certified Instructor Sean Fargo’s through his company Mindfulness Exercises  Sean is a former Buddhist Monk and instructor for the mindfulness program developed at Google, Mindfulness Teacher for the E.P.A., Kaiser Permanente, Tesla, Facebook, Ernst & Young, Solano Prison, & Spirit Rock Family Program.

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