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Online Self Paced Workshop

25 Clock Hours

10 days minimum (no max)

WA State Approved Provider:

My Quiet Connection-(Public)


Teacher Burnout is real and the impact on our society is a growing concern. This program defines Teacher Burnout, identifies the warning signs associated with it, and introduces skills to help mitigate the problem. Through experiential learning, program participants practice mindfulness and meditation strategies specifically designed to lower stress, increase personal awareness, and identify the emotions and behaviors linked to Teacher Burnout.


Content complete at your own pace:

Mindfulness Meditation (5 Hours)

  • 20 Guided Meditations
  • 15 minutes each

Mindful Meals (5 Hours)

  • 10 Meals
  • 30 minutes each

Mindful Activities (5 Hours)

  • 5 Activities
  • 60 Minutes each

Teacher Burnout (5 Hours)

  • Research and Self Evaluation

Teacher Self Care Plan (5 Hours)

  • Written Self Care Plan

Optional STEM (adds 15 hours)

  • Log 15 Hours STEM Activity
  • Summarize how STEM integrated curriculum relates to the following:

    • impact on STEM experiences for students
    • provides examples or resources to use with students or with other educators
    • provides examples or resources about STEM-related career choices
    • combines at least (2) STEM components

Eastmont Teacher Burnout Workshop (TBPW-23-24-1)

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  • Research participation entails being available for follow-up phone call interviews and be a sounding board for future course curriculum.


    Course Participants may also connect with JC and My Quiet Connection resources for personalized instruction throughout the year!


    As educators, you are at the heart of our educational system, and your well-being is of utmost importance. Teacher burnout is a pressing concern that affects not only individual educators but also the quality of education delivered to our students. Through this research project, we aim to explore innovative strategies and interventions to mitigate teacher burnout and foster a nurturing teaching environment.


    Call / text JC at (509) 981-1766 with any questions.

  • STEM Integration Qualified Activities (Log 15 hours)

    • Reflect on your current endorsement's STEM integration
    • Plan, create, or incorporate curriculum for a project integrating science and technology, or math and technology, or a design challenge that uses math and science.
    • Collaborate with a math, science, technology, or CTE teacher to plan, create, or implement curriculum for a project integrating science and technology, or math and technology, or a design challenge that uses math and science.
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