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Teacher Burnout is real and the impact on our society is a growing concern. This program defines Teacher Burnout, identifies the warning signs associated with it, and introduces skills to help mitigate the problem. Through experiential learning, program participants practice mindfulness and meditation strategies specifically designed to lower stress, increase personal awareness, and identify the emotions and behaviors linked to Teacher Burnout.

Increased teacher irritability and distress can produce similar reactions in pupils. Therefore, a prosocial classroom and student's Social and Emotional Learning have to start with teachers' well-being.

This program contains an introduction to mindfulness and meditation strategies used for over 2500 years as methods to lower stress, be more mindful of your surroundings, and be more in tune with your own emotions. By no means should you expect to become an expert on mindfulness or meditation after completing this program. However, participating in the course activities, no matter how “bad” you are at them or “unfocused” you feel, will have a positive impact on how you navigate life’s ongoing stressors.

50 Clock Hours from Pioneer School
2022-23 Washington State Approved Clock Hour Provider

This Conference Breakout Session is part of the Online Professional Development Conference 2023-2024 Series and is available through purchase in the PD Store at

(TBP-22-23-3) Teacher Burnout Prevention Part 3 (50 Hours)

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