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This Online Professional Development Conference provides convenient access to exclusive Professional Development opportunities. Through experiential learning, participants practice and refine skills outlined in the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards (NBPTS) as well as the Social Emotional Learning Standards.


Join our conference , select your Breakout Sessions, and log your session activity time to earn Washington State Approved Clock Hours. All Breakout Sessions are approved by My Quiet Connection Clock Hours, a 2023-2024 Approved Washington State Clock Hour provider.

Link to current OSPI Approved Provider List  


My Quiet Connection Clock Hours (Public)


Breakout Sessions:

    Online PD Conference (NBPTS)

    • Self-paced instruction log your own time
    • Curriculum Work
    • Research and Knowledge: Book Study / Pod Cast
    • Coaching or Club Work
    • Classroom Organization and Discipline
    • Connection through Mentorship / Collaboration
    • Teacher Burnout Prevention (SEL)
    • Part 1-20 (50 Clock Hours each part)

    Teacher Burnout Prevention (SEL)

    • Guided Instruction w/ daily steps to complete
    • Mindfulness and Meditation Strategies
    • Part 1,2,3 (50 Clock Hours each part)

    My Quiet Connection Clock Hours

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    • Payment Plans:

      1. $6 hr paid up front select option "$6 hr"
      2. $7 hr payable over 12 months with your first payment due at enrollment (100+ hours) select option "$7 hr 12 Pay Now"
      3. $8 hr Deferred Payment Option with $0 down, 0% APR, and No Payments until next November (300+ hours) select option "$8 hr 12 Pay November" 


      If purchasing through a Payment Plan, use Promo Code "PAYMENTS" at checkout to lower the upfront cost to $0.00.  Payment Plan Agreements will be forwarded via email and must be completed within 3 days. Programs go live at purchase and are void if payment agreement is not completed.

    • Programs will be added to your My Quiet Connection account after your purchase.  The default starting programs are:

      1. Online PD Conference Part 1 (50 hours) Self-paced, Log your own time
      2. Teacher Burnout Prevention Part 1 (50 hours) Guided Instruction


      You may customize your programs with Teacher Burnout Prevention Part 1,2,3 or Online PD Conference Part 1-20.  Any combination is available with the option to swap courses at any time...just let us know your preference!

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